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The following is a short log of my trip on the m/v G L FURR. I would like to thank Bruce Darst at AEP, Captain Dale Wallace, and the crew of the m/v G. L. FURR for their hospitality.

G-L-FURRnewpaint5.jpg (149752 bytes) 10/28/05, time 1620 hrs, mile 317 Ohio River

Boarded the G L FURR at McGinnis Inc.


dalejoe2.jpg (166934 bytes) Here's the boss man himself in the jacket, Captain Dale Wallace

I ain't saying who the short bald headed dude is!


fuel-flat16.jpg (95988 bytes) Shortly after I boarded we dropped down to the lower fleet and McGinnis' fuel flat came along side to load off fuel to us.



locks-greenup6.jpg (100260 bytes) We arrived at the Greenup locks (mile 341) at 2300 hrs. Shutout fog caused us to tie off at the upper cells along side the m/v Marathon and wait till it burn off the next morning.



locking-greenup3.jpg (145008 bytes) 10/20/05 At 1340 hrs we finally got our turn to lock through.

Finally headed South at 1445 hrs


Bill-Boyd-lines.jpg (174086 bytes) Here's Bill Boyd handling the stern line.



locks02.jpg (115824 bytes) 10/30/05, Meldahl Locks (mile 436) got caught in fog again with the m/v Marathon.

Finally started locking at 1010 hrs and headed South at 1050 hrs


Natchez01.jpg (133400 bytes) At mile 469 we are approaching Cincinnati, Ohio. A surprise visitor from New Orleans is the excursion stern wheeler Natchez.



reds-stadium3.jpg (116473 bytes) Here's the Cincinnati Red's Great American Ball Park at mile 470.5



locks05.jpg (53836 bytes) Mile 531.5, Markland Locks Locked 2315 hrs, out 0000 hrs

While checking out the lower engine room, i discover a small leak coming from the packing tube on the port shaft. Speculation as to go into dry-dock or not. Port Engineer will check it out in Paducah.


lockingLouisville.jpg (146822 bytes) 10/31/05, 0805 hrs We are sitting in the Louisville & Portland Canal at Louisville Kentucky waiting our turn to lock through McAlpine Locks.



W-W-Dyer04.jpg (158844 bytes) Here's who we were waiting on, the triple screw boat m/v W W DYER.



locks03.jpg (103986 bytes) 11/01/05, 0040 hrs We lock through Cannelton Locks (mile 721) Yes the time is right, the photo is from a trip back in April. Headed South at 0115 and delivered 15 loads at Rockport Plant and picked up 15 empties at 0420, mile 744. Finished at 0555


The main chamber was down for repair at the Newburgh Locks (mile 776) so there was a long delay there. Using the small chamber, a tow longer than 600 feet has to double lock. We arrived there at 1300 hrs and finally got our turn to lock through at 0400 hrs the next day. We reached J. T. Meyers Locks (mile 846) at 1255 hrs and headed on South at 1325 hrs.


locks-smithland1.jpg (135414 bytes) We made Smithland Locks (mile 918.5) and locked through at 2000 hrs, finished at 2035 hrs

This is another photo from the April trip. If you're following the story, you'll recall we're now pushing empties and at 2000 hrs in November, it's dark.



scenery41.jpg (90817 bytes) 11/02/05, 2300 hrs Arrival at Lock 52 (mile 938.9). Don't be fooled by the bridge in the background. Lock 52 is an old wicket dam and it's between the bridge and us. It was a windy day, but Scott laid the tow right between the bull noses perfectly.


scenery40.jpg (133857 bytes) Here's the view of the wicket dam from the lock. If you're coming down river, you can't see the dam until it's too late.



scenery39.jpg (103914 bytes) Here's a view as we pulled out of lock 52 at 1651 hrs 11/03/05.



cook-coal.jpg (116079 bytes) 11/03/05 mile 947 We drop the empties at Cook Coal Terminal and pickup 7 loads and 6 MTS empties. It doesn't take them long to load a 1500 ton capacity hopper.



capt-john-reynolds03.jpg (125376 bytes) It was decided the day before that we will go into dry-dock to check out the leak. We are to take our tow back up to Paducah and wait the m/v CAPT. JOHN REYNOLDS to exchange the tow while we go into dock for repairs. After all was said and done we finally made the exchange at mile 932, 1730 hrs on 11/04/05.


dry-dock03.jpg (130614 bytes) 11/04/04, mile 4 Tennessee River, 1850 hrs Arrived at Paducah dry-dock for repairs.



joe-furr.jpg (118845 bytes) Got her up and out of the water. Here I am standing in front of "Gertie Lou" as we call her.



tubecrack2.jpg (91058 bytes) Here's the problem! Chief Tom Hunt discusses the crack with Captain Dale Wallace. Chalk mark is outlining the size of the crack.



portkort-tom.jpg (119916 bytes) Tom checks out the repair. Notice the "strings" hanging down from the hull. They're believed to be the larvae of mayflies and if one gets on your neck, they can bite the heck out of you.



kort-tom.jpg (122021 bytes) Here's Chief Tom Hunt posing for me next to the starboard wheel.



portcooler3.jpg (131314 bytes) Here are the port coolers. Large one is engine coolers and smaller one is gear box cooler.



11/05/05 1000 hrs We are leaving dry-dock and heading light boat back to Cook Coal Terminal to pickup fifteen loads heading back up to Rockport. Heading back up river we had a bit of a wait at Lock 52 but finally locked through at 0045 hrs.

11/06/05, 0255 hrs We made Smithland Locks (mile 918.5). Had to wait there till 0520 hrs finally got North bound at 0600 hrs. 1550 hrs arrived at J T Myers Locks mile 846 Locked through 1730 - 1805 hrs. Arrived at Newburgh Locks (mile 776) at 0315 hrs and have a long wait time. finally started locking at 2230 hrs.

11/08/05 0035 hrs Finally out of the locks and making headway.

coal-dock17.jpg (143605 bytes) 0530 hrs We arrive at the Rockport Terminal (mile 744) drop eight loads and pick up five empties to head further North.

This is another photo taken in April. The sun was just coming up as we were leaving (0730 hrs).


locking-cannelton.jpg (191110 bytes) We made Cannelton Locks 9 mile 721) at 1200 hrs. No delay and were on our way at 1235 hrs.



crewchangederby1.jpg (152033 bytes) 1600 hrs Arrived at Derby, Indiana (mile 692.5) for crew change. This is where I got off along with six other crew members.



crewchange1.jpg (114713 bytes) First trip takes the luggage to the shore and brings back the cook, captain, and mate. Second trip brought the cook, chief, me and rest of the luggage to shore. This photo is the third trip taking the rest of the crew to the boat and picking up the pilot and the captain. The chief going on will return to the boat with the yawl.


G-L-FURRnewpaint2.jpg (105079 bytes) Here's the last view of "Gertie Lou" before we hit the road back home. The yawl has not yet left the shore for the boat. Notice she has not got name boards yet. She just got the new paint scheme and name boards have not been made yet.