July, 2006 1st Meeting & C.U.R.E. Picnic Photos:

Light winds, sunny weather, and a great time both meeings!

July Newsletter

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Respect the Volcano! Ray's new barge. Commodore Matt in his element. Big crowd and nice weather.
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Not a violation of the "no wake" zone. A planned exibition. What's That? Mascots need RC boating too! Towboat Soccer!
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Adults seemed to like it more than the kids. Lots of potential members. Thanks for all of the help managing the crowd. They REALLY appreciate it.
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The Tallship fired on the crowd. More demonstrations. Close of Matt's island. A little shade early on.
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Ray's Tony Warren recovered with a fishing rod. Still in one piece. This is what a naked volcano looks like. Are we Tired?
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Few other boats from the first meeting this month. Tom's steamboat in-progress photo. 
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Bill's family. Frank's new Panache. Very stable in the water. Phil's Kyosho Fortune 612
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Dusted off the Yellow Tug. Chris's tug to the rescue Nice crowd, great weather. Maiden voyage of Bill's tug Courage.
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Several sailboats. And subs. Our Harbormaster at work. Mike's new toy...
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Chris rescue's Bill's Telemaster. A wind gust tipped it over while sitting on the water. New drive in the Hydro. Boiling batteries...Don't ask.
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Then, the thunderstorm approached. And we ducked into Doug's trailer.