2010 Meeting Photos:

  Paul's highly-modified Atlantic Tug  
New Fire Boat from Chris Twin Screw Note the fire-truck bits...
  April 2010  
Frank has some

boats & equipment

 for sale. Click HERE to view.


 March 2010 Meeting Photos:

March Meeting Video HERE. Thanks Chris!

Great day. Playing with boats. A dog and his boy.
Looks bigger out of the water. Shade in all the right spots. Pickle.
Visitors. John's Maiden Voyage. Looks good.
Matt's in charge Boat Chicks.  
Happy times. Racing. Technical stuff.
Big dog. Little dog. Note the tent.

Early March Indoor Meeting

Serious Business Meeting. Discussing the year's charity event. Nice cake.
Ladies. Pirate dance.... Latest projects.
John is building a new boat. Official Photo plus Chris's new project. Hanging around.