2009 Meeting Photos:

 Few photos of the kid's pond at Calaway Gardens. Four RC boats and sailboat races.

Sailboat races. First try, some tangles. After this we left an empty lane between each boat. Radio Control boat run. The Titanic was there just to push around.
The four helm controls fit both adults and small children. A steady stream of Captains took their turns running the boats. Several times the RC boats tangled in the sailboat lanes. Next year we'll install a row of swim noodles to separate the two events.
John's maiden voyage. Ready to push off. Cruising along nicely. Twin motors sounded very realistic.
Happy John! No water so we hung out in the parking lot. New sidew-heeler that George is working on.
Marie taking a tour. A ferry that used to run between the UK and the Isle of Wight. Kinda sad at the pavilion. Construction looks like it will be going on a while.