Michael M.'s Boat In A Box

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I got the box at Lowe's. The secret is to find something big enough to hold both the boat and the stand. The second secret is Velcro tape to secure the boat inside the case. I put the boat to one side, with the bow as far to the left as possible in order to use the right end of the tool tray to hold the transmitter. I keep the tool tray in place by wooden shims that I have CA'd in place. Not shown in the photograph is a 500' reel of 110 lb test kite line, which is velcroed to the bottom of the transmitter tray.
MichaelTug1.jpg (29933 bytes)
Another view of the toolbox. The lid of the box holds a plywood version of your rescue fixture and the fin for my Boogie Board mark barge.
MichaelTug2.jpg (39860 bytes)
This shows the details of the bow of the "Gordita". The tires are held on by plywood, secured via a sheet metal screw to the bow. The screw also serves as a drain point for any water that gets into the hull. I added two sets of scuppers to the stern to make sure the boat would not take on water in choppy conditions. MichaelTug4.jpg (30993 bytes)
I have two rescues so far on my tug. A sailboat and a fast electric. I plan on marking the side of the bridge with little symbols to record my rescues. Perhaps you can post some on your web site and tug owners can use the symbols to record their successes. All you need to do is to print out the symbols on clear address labels. Seal the ink with lacquer or some other spray, cut and paste. MichaelTug3.jpg (28875 bytes)
Here's a picture of my tug rescuing a Zig-Zag electric speed boat at a company picnic. I used a 20' long string with rubber ball. I sailed around the speed boat until the line was wrapped around the rudder, then sailed to shore. MichaelTug5.jpg (20853 bytes)

You can contact Michael and other interested members at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/RCTugboat/

More on the box...

It is made of Structural Foam. Although this material doesn't mold as exact as standard plastics or resins, it is much stronger and will not crack. Note that one of the labels shows a pickup truck parked on 4 boxes!

Box01.jpg (35351 bytes) Box03.jpg (28820 bytes)
This is the Lowe's Version. It has a cup holder and lid trays. It may be a special order just for Lowe's. $19.95 This is the standard version of the box that Home Depot sells. Same $19.95 price.
Box02.jpg (52749 bytes) Box04.jpg (36603 bytes)
The lid does intrude into the box a little. The plain lid gives you about 1/4 inch more inside height.
Box05.jpg (74255 bytes) Box06.jpg (82827 bytes)
Lowe's label.  Home Depot label. Dimensions are 26"long, 8.75" deep, 10.5 " High
Box07.jpg (34217 bytes) Box08.jpg (48713 bytes)
I decided to leave a handle on the tray when I cut part of it away to allow the tug to fit. The boat stand sits in the bottom without trimming. However, without the tray, my pistol radio can stand up at the rear of the tug.  Looks like a skillet. I'll take a scrap from the rest of the tray to close in the cut end of the tray. Hot melt glue should work fine. 
Although hard to find in a retail store, this box is still available online. Search for Contico 26 toolbox or try these links: