Magnetic Barge Catch

Radio controlled barge catch and release system for use with the Vac-U-Tow towboat kit. Can be adapted for use in scratch-built boats. Requires a 3rd channel to operate the catch servo.

Great for hooking up to barges by remote control. Also not bad for recovery work if your other boat has a magnet mounted inside its hull in the right place.

Now you know what that bump in the bow of the Vac-U-Tow is for!

Comes fully assembled. Does not include the servo.

Includes a 1/2" x 1/2" cylinder rare earth magnet for your barge.

The assembly can be installed into a completed Vac-U-Tow hull, or you can install during the construction of the boat. 

TowCatch1.jpg (32713 bytes) TowCatch2.jpg (34101 bytes)
Latch position: Head is forward to engage towboat magnet to barge magnet. Release position: Head sheared away 90 degrees to release. 
TowCatch3.jpg (32220 bytes) TowCatch4.jpg (25369 bytes)
Side view of base and magnetic swivel head with standard servo attached. Mounting screw is accessible from inside the hull.  Unit installed in the bow of a Vac-U-Tow. Cutaway for better view. Servo rests in the forward ballast tray. Base is attached with a screw into the step in bow of the hull liner.

12 Ounces of break-away holding power of system with the 1/2" x 1/2" magnet installed in a barge 1/16" from its outer hull while in contact with the rub rail and push knees of the towboat. When Released, there is no attraction between the towboat and the barge.

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