Recovering a Victoria

How to recover a sail boat with the wind and the rudder working against your efforts. 

Here is a bracket that engages the forestay or sidestay of a Victoria. It holds the tug fast until you decide to let go by reversing away from the sail boat. 

With the stock motor and prop running a seven cell battery, you can turn a Victoria left or right when engaged to the side stays. Moving the rudder pushrod to the outer hole of the servo arm is recommended for greater maneuverability.

This is a bracket made of clear Plexiglas. It can just as easily be a clever pair of swing arms that can be retracted when not in use.  TowVic01.jpg (20968 bytes)
The leading edge and points of the outriggers have been rounded with sandpaper and polished to prevent scratches to the Vic. TowVic4.jpg (18564 bytes)
The bracket is screwed to the top of the bullwarks with  #8 stainless screws. No further reinforcement is necessary. TowVic3.jpg (28498 bytes)
This is a 13 second .mpg movie of the tug in action. (1.13 mb)

By pushing the Vic forward, it gets less resistance from the sails & keel than other methods. Reversing will disengage the tug from the Vic.

TowVic2.jpg (18867 bytes)
Another Video of a simulated Vic rescue. (1.5 MB) RescueVicThum.jpg (10158 bytes)
Here is a printable image of the bracket template and bending angle for the outriggers. Enjoy! TugBrktVic.gif (7361 bytes)