Recovering an ODOM

Here is a bracket that engages the sidestay of an ODOM sail boat. It holds the tug fast until you decide to let go by reversing away from the sail boat. 

With the stock motor and prop and a seven cell battery, it is difficult to turn opposite the engaged side. Strait travel is possible. The optional 4-blade prop with a 7-cell battery is recommended for this little tug to handle an ODOM.

This is a bracket made of clear plexiglas. It can just as easily be a clever pair of swing arms that can be retracted when not in use.  TowVic01.jpg (20968 bytes)
The leading edge and points of the outriggers have been rounded with sandpaper and polished to prevent scratches to the Odom. TowOdom2.jpg (19820 bytes)
The bracket is screwed to the top of the bullwarks with  #8 stainless screws. No further reinforcement is necessary. TowOdom1.jpg (29957 bytes)
Ever searching for more power, I've found a prop that may provide the push that the ODOM requires. Testing will follow. TowOdom3.jpg (26538 bytes)
Here is a printable image of the bracket template and bending angle for the outriggers. Enlarge it until it matches the shown dimensions. Enjoy! TugBrktODOM.gif (7959 bytes)