Don's Twin Fire Monitor Fire Boat

Don's maiden voyage in Cincinnati. (I understand the paint & details will follow soon. - Phil) Don10.jpg (84987 bytes)
Beautiful water display. The plumbing includes a valve that allows the fire monitors to operate together or separately. I pinched off one hose with a clip supplied to glue the hull halves together. Don11.jpg (117437 bytes)
(I'm afraid these nozzles look much better than mine. They are a bit more true to scale. -Phil) Don12.jpg (119611 bytes)
Instead of bending the brass tubing, I cut them at an angle and soldered them together. The two nozzle inserts are pulled out to form a tapered nozzle. Nice detail with the handle.  Don15.jpg (37343 bytes)
This is the underside of the front deck. Nice heavy duty installation with a small 1/32" 3-ply aircraft ply, from hobby shop, reinforcement to the nozzle mount. Don14.jpg (48132 bytes)
Rear fire monitor has a similar  1/32 3-ply reinforcement.  Don16.jpg (48729 bytes)
Switch mount detail. This hides the switch and doubles as an antenna mount for the removable Dean's antenna. I had to make the rear nozzle permanent because the hose would rub on the drive shaft so I needed to put a right angle elbow under the deck. Don13.jpg (54175 bytes)
Switch and antenna as seen from the top of the cabin. This mount is made from 1/16" 3-ply aircraft plywood. Don17.jpg (53516 bytes)
Oh, I remembered that I forgot to tell you about the cell phone-looking thing on the pilot house...  It is a handheld GPS unit, I was using it to check speed.  It reached a whopping 1.9 MPH!!!  : )  Don. (at 1:48, that is 91.2 MPH! <joke> -Phil) Don18.jpg (37429 bytes)