Damian's Recovery Tug

Damian built her as a recovery tug for his EC-12 and CR-914 sailboats.  At first, the hook system looks a little wild, but is highly functional and very visible at a distance. Several bumpers added to the front half of the tug as well. DamianTug01.jpg (46074 bytes)
He started with a strong base plate attached to the floor of the tug. DamianTug02.jpg (41146 bytes)
This provides strength to the recovery arm. DamianTug03.jpg (47286 bytes)
But still allows plenty of room for batteries. In this case, two 6-cell packs in parallel. Gives great run times for the higher-amp draw Upgrade Motor. DamianTug05.jpg (48242 bytes)
Under the cabin roof, below the stack, is a reinforcement. This 2nd anchor point gives the brass rod great leverage. DamianTug07.jpg (21122 bytes)
The rod extends through the front of the stack. DamianTug06.jpg (38081 bytes)
The arm is attached once the deck is set in place. DamianTug09A.jpg (52654 bytes)
By snagging the side shrouds, the tug can move the sailboat very efficiently. DamianTug10.jpg (62251 bytes)
With the arms painted white, they are very visible at a distance, for connecting with your boat. DamianTug11.jpg (58952 bytes)
Run aground? It snags the backstay to pull the sailboat free from shore. DamianTug12.jpg (69798 bytes)