September 2006 Newsletter from Harbormaster Chris:

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September 2006 Meeting Photos:

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Getting started. Wow. Lots of visitors.
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Doug & Josh Sunny day. Even the scale-pilot is happy!
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That first scratch is always tough. Upgrades by Smock Racing. Nice decal.
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Victim... ...of a pirate vessel. Brief surgery.
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Cracker-Cam Don't have a clue why Paul has a sock on his boat. Wind sock? Going for a swim.
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Nice day. Fresh crop of ducks. Ray and his fans.
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Doug and Chris scaring the ducks. Two kids playing "submarine". Chris discovered why he lost last month. Collision dislodged a plug wire...
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Honorable Mrs. Warren Josh's sailboat being rescued. Bill's new "Footy" sailboat.
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Crackerbox Racing Rescuing Josh Light winds for sailing.