October 2006 Newsletter from Harbormaster Chris:

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October 2006 Meeting Photos:

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Doug with Chris Harris and their race-winning Q-Mono. Boat hole.... Commodore making coffee.
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Doug getting intimate with his boat. Creative boatware. Starting cannon for the races!
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Chris with the last surviving Speed Vee Andrew in the water... Chris's table.
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Ray's Captain Tony is reborn! Nice deck and pilothouse. Even Tony is a happy guy.
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Even chicks do R/C. So cold the antennas needed a sweater. "My hand is stuck..."
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Great day for sailing. Actually had a mini-regatta. Harbormaster Chris keeping time.
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Wow. Heavy Duty Brushless! John's Shelly Foss is running. Great paint job!
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More Victorias & other sailboats. Doug & Chris racing. Notice the rainbow!
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12 Cell Crackerbox? Fiddling with crackers. Crackerbox Spokes-Model.