May, 2005 Meeting Photos:

Sunny day. First Annual Swap Meet. Needed more buyers! First trial club meeting with the "No Wake" markers in place. Started early, ended late. 

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Finally caught Ken using his new ship-launching harness. Doug brought Ted's US Navy Tug back after a retrofit. It took 47 POUNDS of ballast to get it to the waterline. Now you know why Ken uses the harness!
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Tugs rescuing tugs. Kevin recently relocated from California with this towboat... and tugboat.
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More than just boats were at the swap meet.  Chris was selling his Tall Ship. Didn't get any takers...
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Ted had several craft. Mostly scratch-built. Matt brought is library of boat modeling magazines.
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Ted's Yamato Battleship Reasonable price. Fast electrics stayed beyond the No Wake Zone marks.
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Frank giving submarine pointers to Kevin Matt discussing full size plans that go with a hull for sale. Big boat when completed.