March, 2006 Meeting Photos:

First "wet" meeting of the year. Little chilly until the clouds blew away and the sun came out. A new baby boy has joined the group! 

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Doug was busy during the Winter. Two new winter projects.  Frank brought his family.
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Everyone is there. He knows them all by name. Boat is named for his Wife. Ted has this yacht. Matt got a couple of photos of it in the water.
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Twenty Bucks is back! Lots of variety on Matt's table.  The Duck.
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Five sailboats here this month. Chris was busy during the winter as well. Chris was sailing as well.
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New boat made entirely out of spare parts. Looks good sitting still... and ran well too. 
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New Radio Shack speedster. Ray is almost done with his towboat "Mr. Wilbur". Doug got this Hydro from Chattanooga. They couldn't get it to run. Runs now!
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Andrew make this Kort Nozzle from an "International Delight Creamer Cap". Actually gives great control in forward or reverse Andrew trimming the sails.
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As the crowd gathers... New boater. Proud parents!
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Now, if we just had a boat ramp. Nice rig. Boat ran great but got just out of range for a moment. My only rescue of the day.
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Now, here are some tiny ships. Here is a close-up of the deck of the smaller one.  For comparison, here is a dime laid on the deck! Note the crewman is in uniform.