March (and a few from February) 2005 Meeting Photos:

Partly-cloudy but the sun finally came out for a while. Great winds for sailing. Not a bad turnout. Sure missed David's dock. Had a couple of Maiden Voyages by Ken and Ray.

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The ceremonial First Float of the Year cannon salute! Ken's launch rig worked great. Of course, I was a little slow with the camera to catch it. Maiden voyage of Ken's boat. (Does it have a name?)
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Picture from February This is not a kit! Alan's card-stock deck template on a scratch built stitch & glue fishing boat.
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You gotta love it... Ray's Tony Warren maiden voyage. About 99% complete and very smooth running. Chris hydro appears to be finally dialed-in. 
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Secret Vac-U-Cracker project. More from Ray's table Lots of variety in all kinds of craft.
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Casey has his rescue boat done. Twenty Bucks finally got a crew. Buccaneers, that is...
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Winter project of Doug's New hull and drive. Nice hardware from Chris at
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I think this is the club's first brushless setup. Sweet! Deal of the month. Picked up at the annual swap meet in Perry. Chris's table.
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Paul's new Chris-Craft.  Nice detail. Can't wait to see it in the water. Slick finish as well.
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Another smaller-than-average boat on Doug & Casey's table. Paul in sailing mode. Touching is allowed. 
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Ken's Matt's Someone tell the trawler that it isn't really a sailboat.
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Casey's new Electro Vee. Barbie's back! We try to stay out of each other's way. 
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Chris's Sea Doo worries me a little. Where is the rest of the driver?! Dumber than pushing a box of rocks. Trying out the magnetic barge catch. Better use of a towboat. Finally, got to rescue someone.