Three meetings this month including Chattanooga. Here is this month's newsletter from Harbormaster Chris:

June, 2006 Meeting Newsletter & Photos:

(Click this photo to load the 850 k Acrobat File.)

ClubPix06F01.jpg (33015 bytes) ClubPix06F02.jpg (27976 bytes) ClubPix06F03.jpg (50418 bytes) ClubPix06F04.jpg (59970 bytes)
Matt's new toy. Jet Crackerbox Lots of zip. Table
ClubPix06F05.jpg (54467 bytes) ClubPix06F06.jpg (48833 bytes) ClubPix06F07.jpg (44165 bytes) ClubPix06F08.jpg (47857 bytes)
Table Mr. Wilbur is looking good. Titanic with lights. Tinkering Doug.
ClubPix06F09.jpg (50937 bytes) ClubPix06F10.jpg (38409 bytes) ClubPix06F11.jpg (31695 bytes) ClubPix06F12.jpg (46656 bytes)
Pretty. Slick. Boat! Table
ClubPix06F13.jpg (34133 bytes) ClubPix06F14.jpg (54124 bytes) ClubPix06F21.jpg (40509 bytes) ClubPix06F16.jpg (65173 bytes)
Moo. Table Duck! Best part of boating.
ClubPix06F17.jpg (50826 bytes) ClubPix06F18.jpg (59118 bytes) ClubPix06F19.jpg (41174 bytes) ClubPix06F20.jpg (62948 bytes)
Setting sails. Ms. Bud Appears dialed in. Scale.
ClubPix06F22.jpg (48855 bytes) ClubPix06F23.jpg (43424 bytes) ClubPix06F24.jpg (42608 bytes) ClubPix06F15.jpg (48988 bytes)
Fast shovelnose. Close-up. Rocketing to shore. Getting ready for the next run!
ClubPix06F28.jpg (45614 bytes) ClubPix06F27.jpg (44750 bytes) ClubPix06F26.jpg (45145 bytes) ClubPix06F29.jpg (41003 bytes)
Runs better than it looks. Sunset is coming. Flying boat. Close-up of landing.
ClubPix06F30.jpg (56183 bytes) ClubPix06F31.jpg (33532 bytes) ClubPix06F32.jpg (36481 bytes) ClubPix06F33.jpg (41721 bytes)
New set of motors in the Cutter. Vac-U-Boat Towboat Motors. Looks realistic, but he wants more power! Power is scale for this large hull.
ClubPix06F34.jpg (47605 bytes) ClubPix06F35.jpg (43381 bytes) ClubPix06F36.jpg (31197 bytes) ClubPix06F37.jpg (19515 bytes)
New Shelly Foss tug. Just a few finishing touches... Nice set of Kort Nozzles. Sun is setting.
ClubPix06F42.jpg (41578 bytes) ClubPix06F39.jpg (29030 bytes) ClubPix06F38.jpg (26988 bytes) ClubPix06F40.jpg (26557 bytes)
Getting ready for night float. Recovery is ready! Titanic Light Show. More lights.
ClubPix06F43.jpg (10644 bytes) ClubPix06F44.jpg (35279 bytes) ClubPix06F45.jpg (14743 bytes)
Hard to take photos in the dark. Things jiggle around too much. Light sticks are fun though!