June, 2005 Meeting Photos:

Two meetings this month. The first included practice runs of the Crackerboxes we built for the Chattanooga Invitational the following Saturday. The second was a sunny day with lots of visitors as well as our first scheduled Crackerbox race.  

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Guys hanging at Chattanooga. David's new ChrisCraft. Named after his favorite buddy.
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Finest finish I have seen on a boat. Here is the buddy that is no longer with us. But, whose name will live on.
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Might get to see it in the water soon! Chris came home with Best of Show from Chattanooga. New Crackerbox. I think this one is Mike's.
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Fast little boat. Chris and Matt contemplating the line of bouys. Official club launch of the Vac-U-Cracker, a 1:10 scale electric Crackerbox.
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Twenty Bucks is back! They don't look friendly either. Must be the hot glue on their feet. Another first. Diversified Recovery is operational and doing quite a job in recovering disabled boats.
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Ray's toys. Chris's. Nice paint on Chris's Vac-U-Cracker.
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Another fancy paint job green fading to blue. Moo. Mat's bunch.
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Doug promises to finish the Cruiser. Paul's Chris-Craft. Also an excellent finish. Are you finished yet?
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Hands deep in the duck. FINISHED! And playing with the other ducks. Doug dropped his keys.
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Nice destroyer by Mike. Getting some telemetry from the Vac-U-Cracker. Tiny TV camera pointed at the Watt-Meter. Worked great!