July, 2005 Meeting Photos:

Cure Picnic this month. Had to be a record number of visitors. Thunderstorms predicted but was overcast then turned into a sunny day! Great chicken, clowns, and tons of opportunities to showcase the club hundreds of nice folks.  

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After a year of anticipation... David's Chris-Craft was dazzling in the water. Now complete, Doug's Moov Over is ready to race!
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He owes everything he has to udders.... Notice the mechanic (on the right) is holding the dead cow's switch. Early in the day, "Hit the Iceberg" was a lot of fun. Near miss.
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Paul giving a tour of R/C Sailing. Piddling around the tent. Nice place to sit around.
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Fried Chicken! Doug has a new tent. One more and we'll have the whole shore covered. Your Tour Guide.
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Everyone pitched in. ZZZZZZ Yes, you climb in the alligator's mouth, and out his backside!
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Balloon? Place to bounce. Rides and games flow on into the woods.
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Before things got too crowded. More boats in the water. Clowns need R/C too!
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Picking out paint colors. Crackerbox with a Towboat Motor at full speed. Just a little faster than the tugboats for visitors. Matt didn't scare any kids this year.
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Future captains. Picked up a bit as the day went on.  Notice the big orange kid in the foreground.