August 2006 Annual Picnic Photos:

Hot, but nice! Great food. Great company!

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Doug is so happy! What's Cookin? Hungry folk.
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Not thinking about food. Carey can dance and make ice cream! Rick's family.
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Boats & Burgers. A visitor sprinkling the ducks. Photographer Chris.
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Honoring Ted. Humble Matt. Riggermortis ready to dance.
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And dance it does! Bill's Telemaster lands alongside Ted's yacht. Carey keeping the mosquitoes away.
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Nice yacht. Nicer ship. Mrs. Ted at the helm.
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Took two photos. Getting dark. It is a night float after all.
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Now-famous Duck Rescue - Poor duck! Clipping the fishing line. Free Ducky!

August Newsletter from Harbormaster Chris:

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