August - November, 2005 Meeting Photos:

Begins with our annual picnic and on into cold weather. I missed most of the September & October meetings although some photos were emailed to me. 

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Maiden Voyage in August. Nice Tug. Lots of extras added. Chicks...
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Chicklet... Doug and Cary moving in. Still working on the interior
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Doug's all set. Towing Marks Nice day for a Picnic!
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Lots of different kinds of boats. This is what happens when a hydro noses into the water at a high rate of speed. Shiny new Vac-U-Cracker.
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Got boats? Relaxin. On patrol.
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Ate too much. Just too sunny. Banana out of control?
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Let's Race! For a minute. Crackerbox Unlimited.
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Mat's crackerbox. Who? Top Banana found a driver.
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Getting dark. Dave's tug helps the recovery. Last crackerbox race of the day. All kinds of high-tech theory.
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Doug's new paint scheme. His car too. Cold day in November.
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Ted made it.  Lots of pine straw. Doug has a handle on the pine straw.
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Harbor Master with rake. Great day except for the cold and the straw... Scale and Sail seemed to do the best with the straw.
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We found some clear water off of the point for racing. No fault of the tug. Great wad of pine straw wound up on the prop.