April 2007 Newsletter from Harbormaster Chris:

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April 2007 Meeting Photos:

Perfect day. Sunny, some wind for sailing, mid 70's. Just too much fun. 

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Josh and his admirers. Shelly Foss is running well. Nice work John.
ClubPix07D04.jpg (49641 bytes) ClubPix07D05.jpg (49970 bytes) ClubPix07D06.jpg (58259 bytes)
Too much spray to figure out which boat
ClubPix07D03.jpg (56814 bytes) ClubPix07D08.jpg (60672 bytes) ClubPix07D09.jpg (20726 bytes)
is which? Nice weather for a tallship. Who has right-of-way?
ClubPix07D10.jpg (56722 bytes) ClubPix07D11.jpg (13688 bytes) ClubPix07D12.jpg (23628 bytes)
Cracker Race. Matt's Sub. Matt & Rick's subs.
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Close of Rick's. New Members! Rick's Table.
ClubPix07D16.jpg (79388 bytes) ClubPix07D17.jpg (84175 bytes) ClubPix07D18.jpg (74742 bytes)
Bunch of boat-guys hanging out. Commodore in his element. New toy.
ClubPix07D19.jpg (63022 bytes) ClubPix07D20.jpg (71935 bytes) ClubPix07D21.jpg (63263 bytes)
Need a bigger table. Good spot of shade. Sailing.
ClubPix07D22.jpg (47063 bytes) ClubPix07D23.jpg (59147 bytes) ClubPix07D24.jpg (41178 bytes)
Matt's new project. Ducks & Sailboats. Doug going "CSI" trying to identify the culprit in the demise of a buoy.
ClubPix07D25.jpg (57451 bytes) ClubPix07D26.jpg (34567 bytes) ClubPix07D27.jpg (62518 bytes)
Few holes in that one. Chris's tug rescue. Tug rescues 3 boats at the same time!
ClubPix07D28.jpg (62573 bytes) ClubPix07D29.jpg (85835 bytes) ClubPix07D30.jpg (29271 bytes)
Quack!  Bark! Quack! Bark Bark! Quack! ... Getting late. Baby duck.
ClubPix07D07.jpg (55349 bytes) ClubPix07D32.jpg (68675 bytes) ClubPix07D33.jpg (80900 bytes)
Friendly faces! Lets RACE. Radical paint job Josh.
ClubPix07D34.jpg (60297 bytes) ClubPix07D35.jpg (57857 bytes) ClubPix07D36.jpg (28864 bytes)
Now that is a big sub. Smiling John. Matt's tug. Older than most of his kids!
ClubPix07D37.jpg (45571 bytes) ClubPix07D38.jpg (60441 bytes) ClubPix07D39.jpg (66423 bytes)
Chris's Tallship. Fire! Doesn't get any better than this.