April, 2006 Meeting Photos:

Great day but a little windy. Easter Saturday so attendance was a little low. Lots of visitors. We have a Newsletter for this month, thanks to Harbor Master Chris:

And, of course, photos! Click on any framed photo to enlarge it.

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Getting close to nature. John's Brushless Cracker. Nice racing.
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Flying boat. Ted/Chris's Cruiser. Doug's Lunch.
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John took a nice picture! Almost a sail boat. Alan's Victoria. Brisk winds for sailing today.
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I pressed the auto-equalization button on Corel... On the rocks! Ray's new boat. 
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The Edward James Almost ready to float. Nice detail on the rear deck.
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Our first Brushless standard drive crackerbox. Nice light li-po battery setup. Motor runs cool and long on a set of cells.
ClubPix06D20.jpg (52855 bytes) ClubPix06D28.jpg (51742 bytes) ClubPix06D21.jpg (43214 bytes)
More on the Cruiser Proud Uncle. See the tiny liquor bottles on the cabinet?
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Here they are! Note the radar and GPS. More of Chris's boats.
ClubPix06D25.jpg (57568 bytes) ClubPix06D26.jpg (36695 bytes) ClubPix06D27.jpg (40464 bytes)
David has been working on his Chris Craft. Has the motor/prop combination just about right! Test-Run of the Cruiser just before I left.