April, 2005 Meeting Photos:

Sunny day. Too busy to keep an eye on everyone. Several visitors and maiden voyages by Paul, Ted, and John.

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Paul built a towboat. Needs a name..... Paul's boat-truck. Chris bought a new toy.
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Quite a deal. And, after a bit of work, runs better than it should! Hovercraft?
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Gator larvae. John brought an "Almost Ready To Run" Midwest Coast Guard Cutter. Casey helped him get it into running condition. Jack brought his Caribbean Cruiser.
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Doug is looking for a 1:24 scale monkey to drive this thing. And drive nice it does. Family & Visitors.
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Ted scratch-built this Navy Tugboat. The prop was about 1/2 out of the water so the run was short. Doug is going to do some repairs and add about 20# of ballast to get this ready for next month.
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David is launching Paul T's new Chris Craft. VERY NICE RIDE. Looking for a pilot for this one too. Not as fast as the banana...