JAE 16.5" Mini Sprint Rigger Cowl

Trimming and decal application instructions. Click on photos to enlarge.

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Cutting High Impact Polystyrene

Use a box cutter or hobby knife with a new blade to score the pencil mark. Make one light pass concentrating on following the line, then follow with a second pass. You are not cutting through the plastic. You just want to cut the surface. If you are uncomfortable with razors, then use a pair of sharp scissors to cut out the cowl. Bend or fold the plastic along the scored line to break it.
Once the piece has separated, repeat for the other three sides. Make rough cuts at the corners with scissors. Round the corners to the pencil marks with 100 grit "medium" sandpaper. Anywhere you cut outside of the line, use sandpaper to sand the sides smooth and straight. Continue to sand until the part fits your boat.

Applying the Windshield Decal

Cut the decal close to the edge of the black vinyl plus notch as shown. Fold the roof hatch down evenly as shown. Set the decals onto the painted hatch with the fold aligned to the roof.
Center the windshield front and the roof hatch rear to the cowl. Secure with a piece of masking tape at the front of the windshield. Fold the decal forward at the tape.
Peel off the decal's backing paper. Fold the decal rearward, sliding your finger along the center rearward avoiding trapped air bubbles. Press the side windows from front to rear. Slowly remove the backing paper to expose the decal. 

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